BSA Technologies staff

The organization of BSA Technologies

The engineering activities of BSA Technologies employ around thirty permanent staff, to which many external speakers are added as soon as the operations require it. The permanent services of BSA Technologies are organized as follows:

The general management provided by the Chief Executive Officer. This department is assisted in its task by a management committee comprising the main directors and consultants of the structure.

Management control
The Administrative and Financial Director of BSA Technologies is assisted by an administrative and financial manager and an accountant. They are in charge of management control as well as the preparation of budgets and balance sheets for the engineering activities of BSA Technologies and can act as consultants on engineering projects, in particular the setting up of financing mechanisms and the training of managers.

Commercial management
The Commercial Division is responsible for developing the business of BSA Technologies, and is organized around two main axes: a commercial strategy and a communication strategy. She ensures and manages the customer relationship.

BSA Technologies’ main intervention force, the consulting service is led by several consultants (between five and ten depending on the volume of activity) who supervise a dozen permanent and temporary staff recruited for each project. Among its permanent employees, BSA Technologies also relies on ten graduates recruited from the Insertion Department. The activity of these consultants and agents is very variable and covers, depending on the projects undertaken, all areas of competence of BSA Technologies.

Public relations
To make its skills known and better meet the needs of organizations and administrations, BSA Technologies has set up within it a service responsible for relations with the main donors intervening in Mauritania, and especially with large departments whose concerns must be at the center interventions by BSA Technologies.
New technologies

Two services share the skills in this area: Communication Technology and online services on the one hand, and the development of information systems on the other.

Communication technology consists of a consultant and a permanent developer, this service can count up to 30 developers in case of development of large sites. This system, combined with the installed telecommunications platform, provides great flexibility to BSA Technologies in this area.

Software development ensures the design and development of the tools used for BSA Technologies engineering projects and for the realization of software ordered by the group companies and its partners and customers. It is composed of a consultant assisted by four developers, recent graduates from Nouakchott and Tunis, specialists in Microsoft Visual Basic and cartographic developments.

Particularly provided, this service is led by a consultant, architect and urban planner. Other collaborators come from a variety of backgrounds, such as cartography, geography and meteorology.

The operations department is probably the most active and the most changing: between ten and a hundred people can work there according to the activity of BSA Technologies. Permanent managers ensure the coherence of the whole. Temporary agents are quickly mobilized, most of them are graduates and have sufficient computer skills to perform massive data entry tasks and carry out large-scale surveys. In the absence of a major operation requiring its mobilization, this service is at the disposal of consultants to assist them in their work and facilitate its completion.

All these services and the missions of BSA Technologies constantly mobilize many resources, both human and material. The provision and transport of these resources require perfectly controlled logistics. The logistics department of BSA Technologies covers secretarial, transport and shopping activities as well as the safety and hygiene of premises.