BSA Technologies

BSA Technologies is an action-oriented research firm specializing in the execution of development projects and geographic technologies.

This action is based on a thorough knowledge of national realities and on recognized expertise.

Through this dynamic vision of consulting, JBS contracting associates with its projects high profile experts with a wide and varied experience

Missions on the ground

Flexibility on the spot

While remote sensing has significantly reduced the duration of field missions, it can not eliminate them. Aware of this need, BSA has developed this activity to be able to respond quickly to the needs of foreign or local design offices. BSA has also established close relations with local or foreign thematicians to assist them during specific missions (hydrogeology, environment …)

Thanks to its knowledge of the region, its logistical capacities and its know-how, BSA thus becomes the ideal local partner for all your fieldwork.

Areas of use

• Topography

• Leveling

• Spacio-triangulation

• Truth

Equipment used

• Trimble Differential GPS

• Theodolite

• GPS, digital cameras, handhelds

• Laptops for in situ data processing

• All terrain vehicles

The Geographic Information System (GIS)

Satisfaction and performance

Optimizing customer relations involves exploiting the geographic dimension of information. Indeed, the precise knowledge of the physical and socio-economic environment of the individual is essential to effectively meet his needs while optimizing the resources to devote to it.

Thanks to its mastery of the computer tool, BSA has developed several software according to the needs of the customer.

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Languages and applications used

• C ++

• Turbo Pascal

• Delphi

• Map X

• Satellite forms, AppForge

• Map Basic

• Visual Basic

Software for data management

• ArcGis

• Arcpad

• Geoexplore

Our products

Here is an example of software developed within BSA Technologies as part of the Geographic Information System.

Presentation of BSA Technologies
Our mission

BSA Technologies was conceived and created to assist and supervise the companies of the BSA group. From the creation of each company to its full autonomy, BSA Technologies acts as an incubator, provides a local base for its international partners, recruits and trains managers.

Once autonomy is achieved, BSA Technologies continues to follow companies by offering them assistance in management control, organizational consulting, information systems and implementation of management procedures.

These services require a diversity of skills and expertise as it is necessary for them to be distributed not only within the group but also to the public.

That is why BSA Technologies has developed an engineering activity that it provides to private and public economic actors, in Mauritania but also in the sub-region, to share their skills and help them in their task.
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Our goals

BSA Technologies is thus an action oriented research office. Our goal is to make a real contribution to national development, not to produce expert reports that have no real impact on development. By proposing a national structure, including international and national experts, as well as young graduates with high potential.

BSA Technologies wishes to participate in development projects that result in actions whose results are measurable in terms of development for the population, while promoting the emergence of national expertise and transfer of expertise.

In the achievement of our main objectives, we try to:

– Enhance national expertise

– Concentrate varied and synergistic skills

– Grouping recognized partners

– Communicate on projects

– Evaluate any action taken

– Exploit the most advanced technologies

– Master the development together

– Respect a demanding quality charter