Our activities

The main areas of fundamental skills for development projects are cartography, organization and sociometry. These skills need to be complemented by mastery of tools, especially in the processing of information, and training for the transfer of skills.

Our way of doing
Integrate study and action

In terms of development, an expert report alone can not do anything. Analyzes, surveys and other studies make sense only if they serve the action.

In developing countries more than elsewhere, value for money makes it impossible to continue to devote a significant proportion of funding to reports that have no real impact on development. Stakeholders need to focus more on implementation and action. In this context, consulting structures will go from mere producers of sterile reports to action-oriented study offices. This dynamic vision of the board is necessarily based on a sharp knowledge of national realities and on recognized expertise.

Executing agencies, bringing together high-profile experts and broad and varied experiences with young and high-potential resources, will better contribute to enhancing national skills. Their work will be nourished on the one hand by the sense of dialogue and partnership and on the other hand by the capitalization of experience and the transfer of technology. Quality requirements, the need for evaluation of results, compliance with standards and standards must be the very foundation of the intervention.

This is the vision of BSA, to contribute to development while promoting the emergence of skills.

Our experience

The experiences of BSA Technologies can be grouped into three major areas of mastery:

• Mastery of space

• Control of information

• Mastery of the action