Our material resources

The fields of intervention of BSA Technologies require constant investments. These investments must be particularly adapted to the needs of the group’s engineering and support activities.

IT platform
A platform of supervised NT network computers, and a Silicon Graphics platform and HP WorkStations allow to cope with massive, time-limited or large-scale processes, such as mapping or archiving digital photos. For external operations, BSA Technologies has at its disposal about thirty laptops.

The entire network is supervised by 7 servers running Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and Linux. The transmissions are managed by a 2.4 GHz BLR system. This equipment interconnects the different remote sites of the BSA group.

The specific requirements of the map activity (data volume, processing complexity) are supported by a workstation platform and a 3TB server for data storage.
Office Training Room
– The office training services take place in a room equipped with PC Pentiums 4 and 2 dedicated servers.
– Permanent link on the Internet
BSA Technologies is connected to the Internet via a 640 Kb permanent high-speed satellite link. This link is reinforced by 2 ADSL lines of 2 MB.

Printing platform
BSA Technologies has a large color printing capability, thanks to two plotters in A0 format (HP 5000 PS and HP 466 CA).

For aerial photography, BSA Technologies has a Hasselblad 503 CW camera specifically designed for aerial photography and photogrammetry. This camera is equipped with two backs of 12 poses, a viewfinder and an electronic motor and a double spirit level to ensure the perfect verticality of the photos.


BSA Technologies has several digital cameras used as support for surveys, or as a communication tool for projects in which BSA Technologies participates.

Satellite positioning apparatus

BSA Technologies also has 34 GPS, used as guidance for aerial photo campaigns, but also for surveys in rural areas. They are also used as input tools during surveys where the position of the points surveyed is decisive.
Digital Assistants (Handhelds)

BSA Technologies develops applications for digital assistants using Palm OS or Windows CE. As such, it has 3 of these assistants, used in addition to the GPS during aerial photo campaigns and surveys.

Transport and shooting device by light aircraft

BSA Technologies has a Cessna 206 aircraft equipped with a hatch for vertical photography. A rocker device has been specially designed to allow quick installation of the device and replacement of films in both chargers.