Our references

Projects carried out in the field of cartography

BSA Technologies participated in the development of several projects:

– Realization of a complete cartography of the city of Zouerate destined to the works of rehabilitation and extension
power distribution networks.

– CartoNKC project (cartography of the city of Nouakchott at 1/2000)

– PADDEM project (1/2000 urban plans of Rosso, Tékane, Rachid, Tidjikja and Moudjéria)

– ANEPA project (urban plans for the realization of the hydro-electric network of six departmental capitals of Mauritania)

– PNBA project (cartography of the mainland of Banc d’Arguin National Park)

– MAE project (monitoring irrigated perimeters on the right bank of the Senegal River)

– Addressing project in Nouakchott (management, training and scheduling of the Nouakchott city addressing).

– Addressing project of Aleg (management, training and scheduling of the address of the city of Aleg).

– Photo-cartographic study of Bareïna (realization of the topographic and cartographic survey of Bareïna).

– Inventory of the cartographic fund of Mauritania (collection of cartographic and geological fund of Mauritania).

– Ancient cities project (realization of aerial photos and urban plans of Ouadane, Oualata, Chinguetti, Tichit)

– Safeguarding subdivision plans and training of Ministry of Equipment and Transport agents

– PND project (topographic and piezometric study of the Diawling National Park and its peripheral zone).

– Modeling of municipal management in the framework of decentralization (PROGESCOM)

– Socio-demographic study of the district of Rajah-South Riyadh Nouakchott.