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Underground utilities can be anywhere, and not unless you know their exact location, then this makes the whole process of ground excavation a risky affair. Damage to any underground utility can be disastrous. It can cause lethal injuries and serious environmental damages. You also don’t want your project delayed, which could eventually come with some additional costs or even huge penalties. Avoid all these problems by contacting one of our partner Underground Utility Locating Service in Melbourne. With over 15 years of experience, we can proudly say that we are the best underground service locators in Melbourne.

What are underground services?
These can also be referred to as underground utilities. They include all underground pipes that either carry gas, water, or even petroleum. We also have underground cables that transmit electricity or are used in telecommunication. Other underground structures e.g., railway subways, are not included. Now we all understand why underground locating is essential before anyone undertaking any form of ground excavation. Underground Service Locating Melbourne provides you with high-tech underground locating technologies that can help you avert any disaster that may arise from the disruption of these underground utilities.

Benefits of Underground Service Locating

It helps to avert disruption of essential underground services- Underground locating can help avoid potential damage to underground utilities such as the sewerage system, electrical systems, gas, and water. All these utilities are essential to the general well being of the people living in that area.

For Safety Purposes

Locating any underground utility before any excavation is done can help avert a disaster. One can only imagine what would happen if the sewage system or electrical system is destroyed. Any damage to any of these underground service comes with life-threatening effects.

Provides valuable Underground Utility Layout Information

Underground service locating offers engineers and architects with much-needed underground utility information, which helps them in the designing of building sites and mechanical systems.

Assists in Planning

Underground service locating provides essential information that can help in future planning. Road alterations, electrical systems may use these kinds of information
From all these, we can all see that underground utility locating is very important. Therefore, before you launch that project that requires deep ground excavation, call Underground Locating Service Melbourne, and you can rest assured that no costly surprises will come your way.

How can you become a licensed Underground Service Locator?

For anyone interested in acquiring skills and knowledge in utility locating, StakingU has got back. Here are some of the courses that they offer.

Locating Awareness Course

It’s a two days course that covers safety requirements and safety measures in underground services locating. This course will also take you through the various types of locating devices ranging from EMI and GMI, how to optimize the locating accuracy etc. You will also get to know how to identify interference and how to handle the various problems you may encounter in the field.

Underground Service Locator Training Program

This course is supposed to take three days. It covers practical training on utility locating on the ground.

Ground Penetrating Radar Course

It’s a two days course that covers specific safety measures, care, and maintenance. This course also introduces you to basic principles, data interpretation, etc.
After the successful completion of all these courses and acquiring the necessary licenses, then you can consider yourself a qualified Underground Service locator.